>>> Artists >>> on Rarotonga, the island of love
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On the following pages we present you some artists working on the rock :

Section one : Singers, Serenaders, Songwriters, Stringbands :

- Kura, a young talented singer performing intimate acoustics >>> here
- Jake Numanga, our famous serenader, everybody knows him >>> here
- Tangi Kokaua, aka "Tangee" wellknown singer and entertainer >>> here
- Julian Young, his keyboard and vocals sounds can be magic >>> here
- Rangi Henry, >>> here
- Mann Short, highly experienced church and staircase singer >>> here
- Best of the West, a 3 person stringband >>> here
- Akaoma Boys, a 4 person stringband >>> here
- Raka Starz String Band, 4 persons >>> here
- It´s Umm String Band >>> here
- Tiriara String Band >>> here

Section two : Carvers, Sculpture, Concept Art Builders :

- Mike Tavioni, a legend in carving and sculpture already >>> here
- Eruera Nina, a master carver we need to know more about >>> here
- Te Aturangi Nepia-Clamp, carver >>> here
- Tokerau Jim, artist, designer and carver for pearls & shells >>> here
- Faimau Robati from the arts factory, carver >>> here
- Kerry Strongman from the arts factory, carver >>> here

Section three : Painters, Draftsmen, Printers :

- Judith Kunzlé, an experienced painter and draftswomen >>> here
- Andi Merkens, painter that knows about strong, tropical colours >>> here
- Loretta Reynolds, >>> here
- Ross, a very talented painter and draftsmen with a good eye >>> here
- Andrea, painter >>> here
- Kay George, painter and printer with own gallery in Arorangi >>> here
- Bianca Whittaker, >>> here
- Any O´Neil, >>> here
- Elena Tavioni, painter, printer, businesswomen in fashion >>> here
- Sobieska Jillian, painter >>> here
- Giana Keenan, painter, printer >>> here

Section four : Tatoo artists :

- Boye Nicholas, a recommended and experienced tatoo artist >>> here
- Stormy Kara, a young, female and experienced tatoo artist >>> here

Section four : Dancers, Dance Groups, Singing Groups :

- Orama Dance Group, probably the most sophisticated on Raro >>> here
- Te Korero Dance Group, they are actually in best possible form >>> here
- Taákoka Dance Group, well known for beautiful island nights >>> here
- Nukoroa Dance Group, whos members are originally from Mitiaro >>> here
- Tamariki Manuia, performs at the Rarotongan and Manuia Beach >>> here
- E Matike dance group, performs at the Rarotongan only >>> here
- Te Manava dance group, for special occasions and weddings >>> here

Südsee Meine Geschichten - by author Wolfgang Losacker - ISBN3 88264 273 4
Section five : Authors, Writers, Écrivans :

- Dr. Wolfgang Losacker, several books about the Cook Islands >>> here
- Elliot Smith, wrote the well known Island Compagnion >>> here
- Manfred Förtsch, a biography "welcome home" related to the Cooks>>> here

Journey to the sun / Welcome home by Grad. Eng. Manfred Fortsch
Cook Islands Companion - by author Elliot Smith
Südsee Cook Inseln - by author Wolfgang Losacker
Joyana Meyer / Rarotonga
Section six : Beauty queen and photomodels :

- Joyana Meyer, Cook Islands beauty queen for years now >>> here
- Joyce Fortes (won Kapa Ipo, Te Mire Kapa, Miss Cook Islands)
- Kristina Kauvai (won Miss Cook Islands)

cookislands.com trys to present all these artists and their works in a few
pictures, with some information and contact details. We would like to ask all
artists to participate and hope to find adpartners to sponsor their pages.

Please, if you are an artist or performer give as a call for an interview and
some photos. - This page will never be closed or complete ;-)

Rarotonga, 19th July 2006